Currency Exchange

It’s always advisable to have some euros with you before arriving just in case you needed anything immediately on arrival.

Exchanging currency in the UK can be done at many outlets, one recommendation is to use Thomas Cook’s service. You can pre-order your euros on your mobile so that when you arrive in your local shop they have everything ready for you. Pre-ordering is easy and straightforward on their app “What’s The Rate?” which is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The app is great for monitoring the exchange rate.

Another method for spending whilst on holiday is taking a pre-paid card that you can top up. You can use such travel cards at cash machines and for spending as you wish. Recommendations for pre-paid cards are; FairFX, Travelex and easyFX. You’ll find some of the travel cards allow you to lock in an exchange rate before you travel.

You can, of course, change cash whilst in resort. Many of the tobacco shops in Playa Blanca town centre offer a money exchange service. Please be aware that the rate advertised can often be for travellers’ cheques and the actual rate is one or two cents lower than advertised.

In the shops always agree a rate before handing over any money and count the amount received in return carefully. Some of the shops show you a calculator whilst making the exchange with you.

Before going to any of the shops check online the market rate on websites such as The rate in the resort will generally be a couple of cents lower than the market rate but use the market rate for a guideline. Any place that purports to offer better than the actual market rate are not being honest!