Beaches in Playa Blanca


Papagayo Beaches are a collection of small coves of soft white sand leading to crystal clear sea water, they are among the best beaches in Europe and well worth the visit.

You can drive to the beaches and parking spaces are very close to the beaches itself if you want to avoid a long walk. The dirt track leading to the beaches is accessed from the Playa Blanca-Femés road and there is a small charge of €3 as Papagayo is classified as a national park. Please be aware some car hire companies may not insure you for the dirt track to Papagayo so please check with your car hire company first.

Alternatively you can get on a water taxi from Marina Rubicon or the main harbour. The water taxi is operated by Lineas Romero, see more information including a timetable on their website.

It’s also possible to walk there. The location of Papagayo is in the far-east side of Playa Blanca. Start at the Marina Rubicon and head to the far end of the marina, walking up by some steps beyond the Petite Marmite restaurant. Follow the paved coastal path and shortly you’ll see a small castle. The promenade runs out when you reach a small white house but simply walk around it by going down to the beach and then back up again onto the coastal path at the other side of the house. Continue along the coast and you’ll eventually see the coves of Papagayo, take your pick! The final of the three main beach coves you see does have a small bar.

There are fewer local amenities than at the other beaches in Playa Blanca so if you do visit Papagayo it is worth going prepared.


Playa Dorada is a short distance east along the promenade from the main town centre, in-between the main town centre and Marina Rubicon. It’s located near the bustling Papagayo Centre Commercial and has various bars, shops and restaurants around it, including a great beach bar overlooking the beach.

The gorgeous golden sand of the beach makes this very popular but it isn’t a crowded beach and is a very relaxing, calm spot to enjoy the sunshine and swim in the sea.

Parking nearby is limited, the nearest parking is in Papagayo Centre Commercial or on the road nearby. But it’s a very easy and pleasant walk from the town centre or marina.


Playa Flamingo is also nearby, although it’s a little further from the town centre. You’ll find many amenities around it and it is perhaps the more popular for younger children of the main beaches in Playa Blanca.

It’s a lovely stroll on the seafront from whichever end you access it, the beach situated west of the harbour. For parking you’ll find road side parking pretty close near the hotels Flamingo Beach Resort and Iberostar.

Playa Blanca

The name “Playa Blanca” itself translates to “white beach” in Spanish and this explains the small beach right in the town centre.

It’s perfect for you to get straight into the sea and cool off having been in the town centre. The beach is however more natural than the nearby Dorada and Flamingo so it is more exposed to the elements, occasionally you may sea the tide right in and barely any sand at all!