Your Stay in Lanzarote Post-Lockdown 2020

(published 27/06/20)

Dear Guest,

Lanzarote is looking forward to welcoming you back, or welcoming you for the first time! Whichever it is, holidaying right now may not be quite the same.

Lanzarote has progressed through the pandemic well and seen very few incidences of the virus. The lockdown measures were very extreme and the people of the island made enormous sacrifices whilst following rules with huge discipline. As it reopens, naturally some islanders may be more cautious and expect visitors to also adopt caution when out and about.

Please respect any instructions from the local authorities.

Your airline may already have made you aware of changes during the airport experience. Face coverings, as well as at the airport, will be necessary in shops, taxis and on public transport. Please be aware this is policed very seriously by the Spanish authorities. The use of face coverings is also necessary generally in places where social distancing is difficult.

Beaches may be crowded during busy periods, it is advisable not to use a beach that appears already populous.

At your accommodation, please empty your rubbish frequently and exercise caution, just as you have been at home. Your welcome pack may have changed slightly, with more hygiene items such as sanitiser (on arrival there will be sanitiser gel for you as you enter) and soap, rather than the beverages provided previously. You’ll be able to purchase more personal hygiene items readily from the supermarkets. Please dispose of all your food, drink, unwanted items and even unopened items on departure. You are responsible for your own health but we wanted to put in place as many measures as possible to help keep everything in order.

If you have any questions during your stay please contact the team in resort using the details provided.

We wish you a very pleasant stay in Playa Blanca.

Best wishes,